gundham tanaka - sdr2

i like:

digital art
animal caregiving
goofing around

i love hearing about people's unique interests, so don't hesitate to randomly start talking to me about something you're passionate about

before you interact

  • recognize that i have some mental issues + schoolwork so i can't always respond in a timely manner

  • interact or not, i will never pressure you to do anything

  • i have a pretty absurd sense of humor at times but i do use tone indicators

  • i have issues with ruminating too much

  • many insignificant things tend to dredge up bad memories

  • i was once betrayed by an individual who i thought of as my closest and most trusted ally in a life-or-death situation. i think it's impossible for anyone on this planet to cross me more than that, so just know that it's very hard to get on my nerves

  • i sometimes have periods of explosive anger over the aforementioned experience, but i do not like to bother others about it

  • quite agoraphobic

  • university student

  • most likely going to fall for the PhD trap because i don't know how to function in the Real World™ nor do i want to